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Understanding Your Pet-Educational Classes

We are so excited to announce our upcoming educational workshops-Understanding your Pet!  In order to create a good foundation of health for your pet we will be starting at the beginning!  Finding the right dietary tools for your pet is the single most important step a pet owner can make.  

Title: Pet Anxiety & Stress
Nearly 30 percent of dogs may exhibit signs of anxiety, which may include excessive barking, trying to escape, excessive energy, destructive behaviors and even aggression. Many people, veterinarians included, often overlook the importance of diet in relieving anxiety in Pets.  In this class we are going to discuss how anxiety affects the body, specific nutritional needs anxious pet need including supplement and dietary recommendations as well as the importance of exercise and brain stimulation tools.

Cost:  A donated item of your choice for a pet in need.
Educator: Join Lori Wells, Wells Pet Nutrition, on the last Tuesday of the month to learn more about your pet’s specific health needs!

Our pet’s are unique; their breed, temperament, environment in which they live, life-cycle, stress levels, anxieties, and lifestyle are all factors that influence their overall health. Your pet's health will change throughout their life and having a nutrition guide to help understand the changes can be a huge relief for pet parents! This class is for humans only.