Home Cooking 4 Dogs

Have you every thought about making your dog's food for them? It's actually easier than you may think! This 4 week program focuses on safely transitioning your dog from a processed diet to whole food ingredients. Pet parents will be given the tools they need to fully balance their pet's diet and nutritional needs regardless of their pet's age.

Class 1: The goal of the first week is to incorporate ingredients that start prepping the dog's body for a whole foods, species appropriate diet. The focus is on high quality foods and easily digestible ingredients, which will be added to your dog's current diet. Gain information on:

  • Sourcing information
  • Specific ingredient recommendations
  • Specific calorie requirements for your dog
  • General cost associated with home cooking
  • Shopping guide, transitioning tips, techniques & tools

Date: March 4, 2018

Class 2: The goals of week two is to learn how to best supplement our pet's current diet with fresh ingredients, which include high quality protein and fat.

>>>This is a good stopping point for busy pet parents who wish to supplement their pet's current diet with a variety of species appropriate fresh foods.<<<

In this class you will gain information on:

  • Pet weight loss and fueling a healthy body.
  • Learn about the tools your dog's body needs to detoxify from harmful toxins both internally and externally.
  • Incorporate & provide your dog's body with the right kind of fats & proteins.
  • Alter your dog's environment in health promoting ways.
  • Learn all natural tips and techniques to decrease your dog's chemical exposure.

Date: March 11

Class 3: The goals of week three is to incorporate additional food ingredients into your dog's diet in order to make sure it is complete and balanced over time.  In this class you will gain information on:

  • Incorporating organ meat into your dog's diet.
  • The various health benefits of organ meat.
  • Rotating proteins to decrease food intolerance and boost the body.
  • Cooked vs. Raw Food Benefits- what's best for your dog?
  • Your dog's calorie requirements.

Date: March 18

Class 4: The goal of week four is to provide pet parents with the final tools they need to fully balance their dog's diet.  In this class you will gain information one:

  • Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) and how to choose the right option for your dog.
  • Specific calcium requirements of your dog.
  • Alternatives to raw meaty bones (RMB).
  • Specific nutrition information depending on the health and age of your dog.

Date: March 25

Class Cost: Each class cost $20   

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Join Lori Wells, Wells Pet Nutrition, to learn more about your pet's specific health needs! Our pet's are unique; their breed, temperament, environment in which they live, life-cycle, stress levels, anxieties, and lifestyle are all factors that influence their overall health. Your pet's health will change throughout their life and having a nutrition guide to help understand the changes can be a huge relief for pet parents! **This class is for humans only**  Check Facebook for more event details!