Pet First Aid Classes

Summer is upon us, which means longer days to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors with your pet: swimming, hiking, kayaking, running, backpacking, and much more!  In order to stay safe, we will be offering a Pet First Aid series.  This series is part of an 8 hour program.  We typically break it into 4 smaller classes, but we can turn it into a 2 day series or one full day series based on client preference. We recommend that you purchase the series in one package however you can sign up for each class separately, which means you can always take the class you missed at a later date!  These are human only classes.

  • Class 1: Emergency Preparedness & First Aid Kits
  • Class 2: Emergency Assessment & Wound Management
  • Class 3: Types of Emergencies & How to Respond
  • Class 4: Pet CPR and Choking

The goal of these classes are to break down the various elements of pet first aid while giving pet owners the knowledge they need to help their pet through a variety of medical emergencies.  Preparation is key to success!

 During these classes you will:

  • Gain hands on/practical experience
  • Receive free how-to guides and material to have at home
  • Receive a free emergency log to have on hand to guide you during an emergency
  • Learn the tools you will need to help your pet through a variety of medical emergencies
  • Identify and create your own personal first aid kit to help you during times of crisis

Cost of classes:

  • Individual Classes: $30
  • First Aid Course (All four classes purchased together) : $100

Please fill out the form below, come into TrailBlazer Pet Supply or call as at 530-892-1848 to let us know you are interested in taking these classes.  Once we have 4 people interested we will be able to schedule the next pet first aid series.   **Minimum number of participants-4, Maximum 10

Lori Wells
Wells Pet Nutrition

Lori is currently enrolled in the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. Part of her program was to take an accredited Pet First Aid Class. Upon passing (certificate recieved), Lori decided to bring the information to the Chico community. She is not part of the Red Cross or Pet Tech first aid programs.

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